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Retirement planning can seem like a minefield of complexity.

Your Pension

Unless we wish to live on the State Pension, each of us must aim to ensure that we have adequate pension provision in place.

If your employer does not provide a pension for you already, then you should consider making your own arrangements – which we will be pleased to assist you with.

There is no easy solution to building a pension fund of the right size to satisfy your needs in retirement, to build a sufficient fund for a comfortable retirement is no easy matter and needs to be given serious attention.

It is important to start as soon as possible, invest substantially, take maximum advantage tax relief and secure any available employer contributions.

At Atholl Scott we have qualified experienced advisers who provide advice on pensions at all stages of our clients working lives and then into their retirement. We are happy to discuss existing pensions as well as looking at options for setting up new pensions for individuals or companies, and then putting in place a plan for ongoing regular reviews

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